2000/31 G. Cliff, D. McNeilly y F.Szechtman; Weil representations of Symplectic groups over rings (17 páginas, 199 Kb)


2000/32 O. Gil y F.Quirós; Boundary layer formation in the transition from the Porous media equation  to a Hele-Shaw flow (20 páginas, 253 Kb)




2000/34 A. Treibich; Anallogues discrets des polyômes et revêtements tangentiels (7 páginas, 305 Kb)


2000/35 N. Guelman; On the approximation of time one maps of codimension one Anosov flows by Axioms A diffeomorphisms (23 páginas, 74 Kb)


2000/36 E. Mordecki; Optimal stopping and perpetual options for Lévy processes (22 páginas, 441 Kb)


2000/37 A. Jones; On Lattices at Ends of Connected Components of the Auslander Reiten Quiver. (2 páginas, 79 Kb)


2000/38 J. Lewowicz y R. Ures; On Basic Pieces of Axiom a Diffeomorphisms Isotopic to PseudoAnosov Maps (9 páginas, 179 Kb)


2000/39 E. Mordecki; Optimal stopping, ruin probabilities and prophet inequalities for Lévy processes  (19 páginas, 479 Kb)


2000/40 E. Mordecki; Elementary proofs on optimal stopping.