98/17 G. Paternain; On Two Noteworthy Deformations of Negatively Curved Reimannian Metrics (13 páginas, 223 Kb) 


98/18 G. Paternain; Lecture Notes on Geodesic Flows (97 páginas, 865 Kb) 


98/19 H. Enrich; Hydrodynamical Stability of Certain Equilibrium Flows of an Ideal Bidimensional Fluid (13 páginas, 168 Kb) 


98/20 G. Paternain; Topological Pressure for Geodesic Flows (18 páginas, 269 Kb) 


98/21 A. Piria y R. Tempone; A dual Algorithm for the Short Term Power Production Planning with Network Constraints (17 páginas, 183 Kb)